Own a Gun? Gun Liability Insurance Could be Right for You

The right to bear arms is one of the most defended or contested rights in the US constitution. It can be quite a dividing line among friends and family due to the many risks inherent with gun ownership. 

Gun ownership is a right, but also a heavy responsibility which should never be undertaken without proper safety training. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Every year, 500 people die due to unintentional firearm injuries. That’s a minimum of one person every single day. In fact, 37% of all non-fatal gun injuries, and 2% of all gun deaths are complete accidents. 

Certainly not every gun owner is irresponsible. Many gun owners take the proper safety classes, store their guns in the safest way, and remember to add trigger locks. However, humans are never infallible and accidents can happen even with the safest of us. 

Although, in theory, accidental gun discharges are 100% preventable, there are times when gun owners themselves could use some kind of protection in case of unintended consequences, or even having to use their gun for self defense. 

This is where gun liability insurance comes in. Gun liability insurance covers things like theft or loss and accidental shootings and is often included in homeowners or renters insurance. Some liability insurance can also cover self-defense, although this isn’t standard.  

Although many gun owners follow all safety precautions, accidents do happen, and gun liability insurance should be considered for any and all gun owners. 

Is gun liability insurance required?