Ombori Queue Management

Businesses Embrace Ombori Grid’s Queue Management Systems

Modern retail and customer service-oriented businesses are being forced to acclimate quickly in a post-COVID world. The COVID-19 pandemic hastened what had already been seen as a clear shift in consumer habits; more and more customers are demanding quick and convenient shopping experiences similar to those on the internet. To offer a blend of convenient service with limited wait times, businesses are increasingly turning to digital queue management systems like the one offered by Ombori Grid.

What Is A Queue Management System?

Queue Management Systems are used to solve the problem of people waiting in line to be served. Lines may not be the most complicated things in the world, but they can have a dramatic impact on the overall experience. Consider long wait times at an amusement park, a restaurant, or your favorite shopping outlet. According to a study by The Fact Site, the average person will spend more than five years waiting in a queue throughout their life!

How does Ombori’s Queue Management System Work?

Effective queue management will examine the number of customers in a line, how often they must be served, corresponding patterns of activity, as well as any in-depth characteristics of the line itself. As businesses learn more about their queues and the customers within them, an effective queue management system can be developed to minimize wait times and maximize consumer convenience.

Targeted benefits of queue management systems include:

  • Reduce Customer Complaints – As shoppers will wait more than five years in lines throughout their lives, it stands to reason that they’d get pretty tired of it! Businesses that honor and respect the time of their shoppers will be rewarded with more loyal customers. Queue management systems allow businesses to sharply decrease waiting times while reducing customer complaints.
  • Improved Productivity – Long lines slow down operations, absorbing the attention of your staff as they seek to deal with the backlog. Queue management can control line flow while reducing staff overload, improving productivity along the way.
  • Better Reputation – Nobody wants to be known as a company with long lines and increased wait times. Businesses that incorporate queue management systems can enjoy a better reputation than their competitors.
  • Key Data Compilation – QMS systems can also be used to track important pieces of data. Track what is working and what isn’t so that you can allocate resources to better care for your consumers. The Ombori Grid QMS can streamline this data acquisition to make sharper, smarter business decisions.

Queue Management Is A Must For Modern Businesses

Technological increases have made it all but definitive that businesses need to acclimate to the times. No longer are old-school practices good enough to retain consumer loyalty. A study in 2014 performed by American Express would reveal that customers would only wait up to 14 minutes for service. For retail customers, the limit on patience for waiting in line is only five minutes.

As attention spans decrease and consumer demands increase, businesses need to work hard to meet modern demands. Contact the team at Ombori Grid to learn how queue management systems can help facilitate this need in your business.