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Need Cheap Shipping? Here Are 3 Trending Alternatives

With Ecommerce on the rise, more and more businesses are having to shift online and look into new areas. One of these areas is shipping options. You need to get your products from your store to your customers and, when it comes down to it, there are a number of different options out there available to you – and that you can consequently make available to customers. 

Here are three shipping options that you can consider while still keeping costs low!

Economy Delivery

Of course, the cheapest option when it comes to shipping is economy delivery. Now, the majority of consumers nowadays opt for convenience and ease, so will do their shopping last minute rather than in advance. 

People want to shop and get their goods delivered to them as quickly as possible. But it’s still a good idea to have an economy shipping option for those who are organised, who are more financially savvy and who are willing to wait a little longer for a cheaper delivery option. 

Generally speaking, you should offer economy delivery for free if possible. This can help to justify the long wait and economy options also save your business money, as you don’t have to worry about processing orders as quickly.

Next Day Delivery

If you’ve done any shopping online recently, chances are, you’ve noticed that many e-commerce giants have been offering next day delivery or even same-day delivery for a while. With this now coming as a standard benefit of shopping with services such as Amazon Prime, many consumers are coming to expect a next day delivery option from retailers of all sizes. 

Now, you may be wondering how your business will front the costs of next day delivery options. But generally, consumers are willing to pay extra for next day delivery from smaller retailers, as they understand the costs entailed with faster shopping options.

Same Day Shipping

An even newer trend emerging in online retail is Ecommerce giants offering same day delivery. This is entirely new and something that many people associate with Amazon Prime, as this is one of the few platforms offering the option. 

Of course, many people assume that this is something that only major corporations can do, as the reduced time  window between order and dispatch requires a whole lot of staff power and on-demand delivery services to fulfill. But this isn’t necessarily true. 

There are actually third parties out there, such as Pigeon Ship, who can carry out same day delivery on your behalf. This allows your business to keep up with the big players in the field and maintain customers rather than letting them slip away if they want extra last minute purchases.

These, of course, are just three shipping options. But as long as you have a good provider, you can rest assured that your products will make their way to your customers at a low cost and in the specified time frame. This will leave all parties happy and see your business thrive!