Looking at the Power of Nimble Live Video

The widespread use of live video over the past few years has brought to light, and even broadened some of the inherent issues surrounding the use of live video. 

Since the COVID pandemic, live video has become vastly important in our daily lives. We use live video or engage with it in everything from social interactions, to entertainment, business interactions, marketing, B2B communications, and more. Live video is simply no longer the exception that it was just three years ago, but rather it has very much become the norm. 

Despite the convenience and relative reliability of many live video platforms, there are certain elements that are required to make live video work effectively for any purpose. These elements are bandwidth availability, quality without lagging or dropped connections, encoding, privacy, compatibility, and user interface. 

Each of these necessities comes with a string of complications, particularly when there are so many platforms to choose from, and so many data sources and video streams converging for a single video meeting. 

These problems beg for a solution which can be provided by the use of single stream technology. This technology, created for the purpose of streamlining live video, merges every data source, live video stream, and participant feed into a single interface. It resolves the most common issues with live video and allows clients or consumers to engage without requiring any infrastructure on their end. 

Single stream technology ensures a quality video every single time.

The power of nimble live video