Looking After Your Work’s Computer Equipment

Your computer equipment is likely to be one of the most expensive things your company owns. Whether it’s simple items like laptops, or more complex items like servers, you need to know how to deal with IT equipment. Here are some tips to ensure you don’t lose a lot of money by ruining expensive computer items.

Keep them free of dust and debris

Dust and debris can pose a big risk to computer equipment, especially if you work in an industrial environment, or somewhere that gets especially dusty. Using Domnick Hunter compressed air treatment can help, as this helps blow the dust away gently, so you don’t damage the delicate parts, yet you keep them clean. You should aim to regularly clean your computers with compressed air, and it’s something that’s worth trying if items go wrong. 

Get experts in when things need to be fixed

If IT equipment breaks down, it’s tempting to get at it with a screwdriver and use a YouTube tutorial, but the odds are, you could damage it further. Companies who are too small to have their own IT department should consider using a managed IT service company, who can sort the problem out for you. There are a number of reasons why you should use this kind of company:

  • It can cut down your downtime
  • They can fix a variety of equipment
  • You can often get 24/7 support
  • You don’t have the big call-out charges that come from one-off IT repairs

It’s worth considering what you’d do if you needed to deal with a broken computer or similar, so you can put the right support in place.

Pay attention to cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is important to protect your IT equipment, but it’s not just about the damage a hack can cause. It’s also about your company’s reputation, which can be extremely difficult to manage if something big has gone wrong like a leak of customer details. There are a number of easy steps to secure your devices that are a good start, but if you’re serious about cybersecurity, you’ll need to work with the experts. 

Look out for employee thefts

Unfortunately, one of the most common ways that IT equipment is lost is through employee theft. You should make sure that all your IT equipment is accounted for, keeping tabs on who has been given what. This can be a big job, especially with so many remote workers, but you’ll be glad you did it, as it shows employees that they can’t get away with thefts.

IT equipment is getting cheaper as things advance, but it’s still a big investment. That’s why companies need to ensure that their equipment is well looked-after and not damaged. It’s a good idea to make sure you have someone on your team who knows how to deal with IT or outsource the job. Good maintenance will ensure that your IT equipment lasts longer, and that you get the most out of it, so you can avoid damage and downtime.