It’s Time for Unbiased Treatment of Obesity in the US

Obesity in the US is a major concern for millions, and 50% of us are at least wanting to drop a few extra pounds. Naturally, the stress, isolation, and decreased activity brought on by the COVID pandemic only exacerbated the issue leaving 42% of US adults heavier than they were prior to COVID. 

On average, US adults have gained 30lbs and the majority believe that kicking those pounds to the curb is now more difficult than it would have been pre-pandemic. 

Part of the struggle is the sad reality that so few doctors feel equipped to adequately address weight management with their patients. In fact, less than 50% have actually acquired the expertise to do so. This may be the main reason why weight loss drugs are so underutilized. 

The other side of this coin is that patients often feel intimidated or judged by their physicians regarding their inability to lose weight. Some obese patients report canceling appointments simply on the basis of fearing backlash from doctors over their weight. 
Obviously, our overall approach to weight loss, both as doctors and as patients, needs an overhaul. Weight loss should be treated with as much unbiased care and seriousness as any other medical issue, which should incorporate treatment of the entire person; body and mind.

Weight Loss Isn't What You Think​