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How You Can Earn a Great Living Freelance Writing

The ability to earn money writing at home is easier today than at any time in history. Digital marketing is extremely important with a number of businesses trying to increase their online presence. There are people that make 6 figures writing while only working 40 hours a week. Others might have to work more hours depending on the rate and quality of their writing. Finding clients is not as difficult as one might think as there are plenty of platforms like Upwork that connect clients to freelance writers. Understanding that clients want quality work that hits deadlines is essential. The following are tips to earn a great living from freelance writing. 

Find Clients That Need Weekly/Monthly Work

There are going to be plenty of gigs where a client needs a few blog posts per month. Being able to set up a schedule for clients that need consistent work is important. You want to be able to stabilize your income so you do not take on any jobs out of desperation. You want to be paid what your work is valued at which can be difficult to assess when just starting out. You should also take on too much work as clients can be flaky as everyone thinks they need large amounts of content. Most clients will not deliver the volume of content in orders that they anticipate for one reason or another. 

Provide Expert Knowledge on Certain Topics

Expert knowledge of various industries is paid at much higher rates than generic content. A person with a home renovation background could write an in-depth piece of content on sink refinishing that a regular person couldn’t with any amount of research. Finding writing jobs in your expert niche should be easy. Setting your prices will be more complicated so ask other freelance writers you are in contact with or current clients. 

Increase Rates If You Are Overloaded With Assignments 

Having too much work is a good problem to have. Increasing your rates for new assignments can work wonders. You could find clients willing to pay for significantly more for easier writing. The demand for freelance writers is high so a quality writer could encounter this in the first year they are writing full-time. 

Work as Many Hours as You Can But Avoid Burnout

Freelancers that can work 7 days a week can earn a significant amount more than those that just work 5. The trick is to find the balance between working hard and burning yourself out. Working outside of the home is a great way to add some variety to your work week. This could be a park, cafe, or anywhere that you know you can focus. For writers that write quickly, it is wise to charge per word rather than hourly to maximize your income.

Freelance writing offers a freedom unlike any other when it comes to lifestyle. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity by staying disciplined and working hard.