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How to Tell if You Need a Different Managed IT Services Company

It is critical to find the right fit for your organization when hiring any partner or service. And when it comes to selecting a managed IT services company, your decision could mean the difference between a strong, secure network and a never-ending list of issues.

But once you have selected a managed IT services company, how do you know they are the right fit for you, and what are the tell signs that you need a new IT company?

Frequent Downtime

Let’s be honest, one of the reasons you are using a managed IT services company is that you are reducing the amount of downtime you experience to help you stay active and meet your demands continuously. If you are finding yourself constantly having to chase up issues related to downtime, you may need a new IT company that can better manage your requirements to reduce this frustrating situation.

Poor Customer Service

Does your service provider promise more than they can deliver, or are they evasive and don’t follow up with inquiries. The key thing to remember is that they are managing your IT services, and if they aren’t responding to issues or queries, they aren’t as much managing as avoiding. 

Frequent issues indicate that your service provider has bitten off more than they can cope with. If this is backed up by evasive communication; an inability to fix urgent IT crises, and empty promises that fall flat, you need a new service provider. Choose an IT company that is reactive to issues and responds quickly to any concerns or problems you might be experiencing.

No Comprehensive IT Strategy

Managed service providers should work with you to achieve both short-term and long-term objectives. They should be actively involved in the IT strategy of your organization. Employee training is one way a managed IT service company can provide routine interactions with your team.

Your IT company should be experts in a wide range of IT services and frequently collaborate with multiple other companies to provide products and services to their clients at a lower cost.

If your service provider does not interact with your team regularly, you will not have the tools you need to manage your network and prevent future problems effectively. And, because your employees are the number one threat to the security of your network, they must receive the necessary cybersecurity training.

Unclear Pricing and Hidden Fees

When you sign up with your IT company, you would have a clear breakdown of what you can expect to pay during your billing cycle, e.g., monthly, and what extras will be charged for. 

Ideally, your provisions for your IT company should have included;

  • Services covered
  • Services limitations
  • Services requiring extra fees
  • Level of service to be expected

Anything outside of this could indicate an unclear pricing structure.

Doing your homework prior to hiring the best IT company for your managed server needs can help you to avoid paying for a subpar service that falls below what you need and what you expected to get. Always consult the best-managed service providers and ask for a full breakdown of costs and services to ensure you are paying for a service you will benefit from.