How to Set Goals and Reach Them by Planning in 3 Key Areas

Setting goals for yourself often seems overwhelming. Not to mention pursuing the goals themselves. Setting up a productivity system helps alleviate some of the stress associated with completing a goal.

There are plenty of productivity systems that aid in goal setting. But first, you must allow yourself to be in an optimal position to achieve these goals.


The GTD, or Getting Things Done, system functions by prioritizing your tasks which in turn result in actual progress.

The mind is your greatest tool. You need it for many of your most fantastic ideas and functions. If you’re trying to achieve a goal, break it up into sections and make mini-goals for yourself and treat them as grand milestones.

You trick your mind into getting excited each time you complete another task towards your big goal. It’ll make that considerable leap much easier and more tangible to achieve if you award yourself with small victories.

Also, take time to brainstorm. Create to-do lists that help you be your most productive self.


With a clear and organized space, you might be able to have peace of mind. Certain products such as phone lockboxes are handy if you get distracted by your phone often.

Being distracted is one of the primary reasons people don’t accomplish their goals.

It might also be helpful to change up your workspace now and then. If you usually work in your home office, maybe sit outside and get a change of scenery. That way, you won’t have the mundane experience. Completing the milestones towards your goal will become more enticing.

Contingent upon your goal, organizing your space in a way that optimizes your workflow can save you time and stress. If you are an artist, make sure you have all of your tools and even a snack within arm’s reach. This way, you won’t risk becoming distracted by getting up and roaming around.


It can be easy to get distracted by the world around you. Cell phones, streaming services, and even small knick-knacks can throw off your focus while trying to complete tasks.

Make sure that you have everything that you need before starting a task. An unnecessary trip to the bathroom could convince you that you might need to brush your hair or some other task unrelated to the one at hand.

Put aside your phone or any other distractions about thirty minutes before you begin working on tasks involving your goals. This way, you have time to debrief mentally and won’t have to switch your brain into work mode automatically.

After completing your tasks for the day, reward yourself! Scrolling through your feed will be so much better as a guilt-free experience, and you won’t be procrastinating.


Aligning your goals with day-to-day activities helps make achieving your goals easier. Consistency is indeed crucial when working towards goals. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel you don’t see results right away. Training yourself to create productive habits will take time and great effort, and even the baby steps are worthwhile.