How To Manage A Completely Remote Staff For The First Time

Owning a business has been a challenge for those during the pandemic. Switching to remote work could have kept your business alive during this trying time. Managing a remote staff is a far different challenge than managing employees in the office. Motivation has to change forms as this can be an issue for managers that relied on getting the staff pumped up verbally. Incentivizing employees can be a huge help when it comes to driving up productivity even higher. The following are tips to manage a fully remote staff for the first time. 

Be Realistic About Your Stress/Anxiety Levels

Writing out issues that you are having professionally can be very useful. There are going to be things within and outside of your control. Stress can be a great motivator but it can be healthy at unreasonable levels. The ability to compartmentalize yourself from your job and personal life can be difficult at home. Natural remedies for stress can prove beneficial like that of CBD. Finding a quality CBD online store will allow you to experience how quality CBD can help you. 

Consider Workloads Of Specific Employees

There are going to be weekly or daily meetings that are not necessary for all employees. An employee that has quite a few deadlines being given the ability to skip meetings for a period of time can be wise. Most meetings can be covered by a detailed email that will also be able to be referred to in the future. The last thing any company wants is a star employee to experience burnout. Losing a top employee that could have been retained with a more reasonable workload can happen. Replacing an all-star employee can be very difficult if not impossible if they have a unique skill set. 

Freelancers Can Be Used To Scale Projects

Remote workforces can be easy to integrate freelancers into. Freelancers can be a huge help when it comes to scaling projects for a company that has grown suddenly. Project management software has made it quite easy to set deadlines for freelancers and to allow them to communicate in one location. Finding full-time employees can be done by utilizing freelancers. The one aspect to consider is that a person might be freelancing for supplemental income rather than full-time. 

Keep Your Projects Consolidated In One Platform 

You are going to want to stay organized with all employees knowing what their agenda for the day is. The projects being consolidated in one platform can make it easy to identify the workload of an employee and a deadline they have coming up. Tracking time for clients can be easy when charging them hourly for services. Take a look at the different project management platforms out there and get an account coordinator if you have too many client accounts. 

Figuring out how to manage a completely remote staff will take an adjustment period. Remote work is something that employees truly value in today’s world with so many other companies offering the perk. Don’t lose valuable employees due to making people come back to the office when it is completely unnecessary.