How the CMMC Standard Aids Domestic Security

As the United States increasingly falls victim to cyberattacks, the Department of Defense is looking to implement new standards to protect its networks. One such standard is the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

The CMMC was created by the DOD in order to improve cybersecurity across all of its contractors. Here are a few ways in which the CMMC standard aids domestic security:

  • The CMMC requires all contractors to have a written cybersecurity plan that is approved by the DOD.
  • The CMMC establishes baseline standards for cybersecurity that all contractors must meet.
  • The CMMC provides for independent third-party audits of contractor cybersecurity practices.

Standardize Cyber Security Requirements

The CMMC standardizes cybersecurity requirements for all DOD contractors. It consists of five levels, each with different requirements. The higher the level, the more stringent the requirements. The CMMC will not only help the DOD improve its own cybersecurity, but it will also aid in domestic security.

Protect Controlled Unclassified Information

The CMMC has been designed to protect controlled unclassified information (CUI). CUI is any information that the DOD deems sensitive, but not classified. This includes things like trade secrets and confidential business information. The CMMC will help ensure that CUI is not compromised by adversaries.

Improve Cybersecurity for all Contractors

The CMMC will improve cybersecurity for all contractors, not just those who work with the DOD. This is because the CMMC will raise the bar for all contractors, forcing them to improve their cybersecurity in order to do business with the DOD. This will ultimately lead to better cybersecurity across all industries.

CMMC and Domestic Security

The CMMC is a positive step forward for the United States in terms of domestic security. By standardizing and improving cybersecurity requirements, the CMMC will help protect the country from future cyberattacks.