How Event Companies Are Preparing For A Return To In-Person Events

To say that COVID-19 has negatively affected in-person meetings is an understatement. Working from home has become the norm. With thousands of employees now functioning as working professionals from the safety and comfort of their own homes, it may seem as though everything has worked out. Yet Hospitality Net mentions that eighty percent of those working from home admit that they miss in-person meetups and conferences. Luckily, this isolation from public events may soon come to an end. Time Magazine mentioned that vaccine rollouts in some states are happening faster than predicted. With such a positive feeling in the air for a return to normalcy, how are event companies coping with this change in the air?

Phased Reopening Should Be Planned

When the pandemic struck, the events industry pivoted towards virtual and hybrid meetups, with varying levels of success. With practice, however, these events became more professional and polished. Today, many individuals don’t bat an eyelid at professional and sleek events organized by companies to reach out to other professionals. As the world returns to normal, event companies may find themselves switching between the virtual situation and more in-person meetings. However, they have the benefit of time and shouldn’t squander it. Instead of being on a time-crunch when lockdowns started affecting their interactions, these businesses are preparing for phased reopenings focusing on detailed planning and execution.

Considering the Psychology of Attendees

Event companies may have to address something they never have before – the psychology of attendees. In many event locations, attendees would be treated as clients with their needs dealt with primarily. However, those needs may now extend to their concerns regarding virus spread and interaction. Pandemic planning shouldn’t be tossed out the window just as soon as the event center reopens. Many of these event centers are taking this cue, learning from the things they instituted to deal with the pandemic and shifting them over to regular operations.

Consider Mixed Delivery

Hybrid events are already a part of many event centers, and signs suggest this will continue going forward. Already, event centers and planners alike have realized how much easier it is to plan and execute a hybrid event than an entirely in-person one. Mixed delivery is likely to appeal to a broader portion of professionals post-pandemic since it gives them the flexibility of movement and attendance. The best event venue for a meetup is one that offers flexibility to its attendees and has the infrastructure in place to ensure all parties who want to attend can do so hassle-free.

A Change In Standard Operating Procedure

The world has changed significantly, and event companies have had to roll with the punches. We can no longer guarantee the safety of individuals attending in-person events, at least for a while longer. However, event locations have risen to the challenge remarkably, instituting sweeping changes to ensure the safety of guests and staff alike. Event companies want things to go back to normal, but they know better than to rush things. Instead, they’ll bide their time, and do things the right way, the first time around.