How Do You Reduce Toilet Paper Waste?

Toilet paper is one of the most common household items, but it’s also a major source of waste. According to the EPA, Americans use 35 billion rolls of toilet paper every year, which adds up to 15 million trees cut down and 473,587,500,000 gallons of water used in the manufacturing process alone! Toilet paper waste takes up a large amount of space in landfills and contributes to deforestation, water waste, air pollution, and even loss of biodiversity. Reducing toilet paper waste is one way we can help make our environment more sustainable.

Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce toilet paper waste and make your home more environmentally-friendly.

Reusable Products

One way to reduce toilet paper waste is to use recycled materials or reusable products instead. For example, you can purchase recycled toilet paper or use cloth rags and washable wipes instead. Reusable toilet paper is made from sustainable materials such as hemp or flannel and can be used multiple times before being washed.

This type of toilet paper is also much more affordable than traditional toilet paper and can provide a great way to save money and reduce waste. They come in many different sizes and styles that are suitable for bathrooms of all sizes. Additionally, you can opt for a bidet attachment to replace the traditional toilet paper altogether.

Recycled or Sustainable Materials

Another way to reduce toilet paper waste is to choose recycled or sustainably sourced options. These products are typically made from materials like post-consumer recycled fibers, bamboo, sugarcane, wheat straw, or other plant-based fibers that don’t use new trees as the source material. Recycled materials such as bamboo or sugar cane are soft and absorbent like traditional toilet paper. They are also biodegradable and will break down in the environment

If you’re not sure what kind of toilet paper your household uses, check the packaging for a label indicating how it was produced. Look for brands that are responsibly sourced, use fewer chemicals, and don’t include unnecessary packaging. This will help minimize the environmental impact of your toilet paper purchases. Additionally, it’s much more durable and can last up to three times longer than regular toilet paper.


Another way to reduce toilet paper waste is to switch to a bidet or a water sprayer. These devices can be attached to your existing toilets and allow you to clean yourself with just the press of a button. They help conserve water and are more hygienic than traditional toilet paper since you don’t have to use your hands.

Less Packaging

Finally, to reduce toilet paper waste is to opt for products with minimal packaging. Look for rolls that are wrapped in paper or recycled materials, rather than plastic. This helps reduce the amount of waste associated with manufacturing and shipping the product, as well as helping to prevent further deforestation caused by making new packaging materials. 

Reduce Toilet Paper Waste

By implementing these strategies, you can drastically reduce your toilet paper waste and make your home more environmentally-friendly. With a few simple changes, you can help protect the environment and ensure that generations to come have access to clean water and healthy forests.