Hiring Talent Just Got Easier With Direct Sourcing

How does finding the right talent increase a company’s chance for success? A question like this deserves to be answered with straight facts. Companies who don’t implement hiring systems like Atrium’s Direct Sourcing will lose out on revenue they didn’t even realize they could generate. Roughly $8.5 trillion in revenue may be lost by 2030 due to 85 million jobs remaining unfilled. However, when a company takes the time to implement this program, prosperity is imminent. 

98% of businesses that use Direct Sourcing have derived cost savings as a result. 83% reported a higher quality of candidate options with the curated talent pools designed specifically for their company. This system follows a foolproof 5 step method when creating talent pools: sourcing, curating, engaging, matching, and ultimately hiring. Talent is put to work 3 to 5 days faster with the help of Atriums’ hiring program, allowing for faster company growth. 

Leading organizations have chosen to partner with Atrium because of its track record of outstanding service and expertise in talent matching. The investment in hiring the perfect candidate is a golden ticket to company sustainability. Being able to rely on the talent brought in is a crucial factor when building a solid foundation.

Why Direct Sourcing Matters for the Future of Work
Source: Atrium Global

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