5 Ways You Should Be Using PowerPoint

Have you got a presentation coming up? Need to power-up your powerpoint skills? If so, read on.

These are the five ways you should be using powerpoint and how a presentation designer can help:

1) Structuring the presentation

Presentations should be structured logically. Your powerpoint slides should build up an argument or present information in a certain sequence.

So, don’t try and powerpoint your presentation as you would write it out as text (paragraph by paragraph). Instead, think about each slide as a single idea – does this slide have 1 idea/fact/argument or does it have 3? And do they build up logically to an argument or conclusion?

2) Branding your powerpoint

Next, branding. Is this powerpoint for yourself? Then make sure you are consistent with the font, colour scheme and layout throughout the slides. Do you want to use one of our powerpoint templates ? Then choose one that fits the powerpoint you want to create.

3) Put key information in a logical place

We have all been given powerpoints which are packed full of information but it’s not clear where we should focus when reading each slide.  Where do I look? Which part is most important, related to the conclusion or argument?

Give your powerpoint a clear structure. We use the powerpoint Design tab for this, putting key information in a logical place such as above or below the slide title to show hierarchy.

4) Pictures and graphs should be high quality

Next, we all know that powerpoint is not an ideal tool for designing slides with images and charts.  That’s why we often see powerpoint presentations that use clip art or free downloadable powerpoint templates.

If you want to include images and graphs in your powerpoint, make sure they are of high quality – clear and crisp – with a good colour scheme and layout.

5) Use transitions and animations properly

Last but not least, animations and transitions.  Powerpoint comes with a lot of pre-installed animation effects such as fade, fly in and wipe. But make sure you use them properly – the powerpoint should be easy to follow and understand – if an object is flying into the screen it must have a reason to be on that slide!

And that’s it!  Hopefully you found this article useful and will power through your next powerpoint presentation. If you want to hire a powerpoint designer for your next powerpoint presentation, get in touch with Kristian Olson Art & Design.