Forget TikTok: 7 Types of Apps Every Gen Zer Should Download Now

TikTok has swept the nation as one of the fastest-growing social media platforms of all time. Regardless of its popularity and entertainment value, there are a plethora of other apps that will be much more helpful to the rising generation.

As the world’s next leaders and global achievers, the members of Generation Z should pay particular attention to this list of apps. So log out of social media for a second and consider adding these types of apps from your app store:

1. Investing

Retirement saving may seem elusive for Gen Zers, but not if you start early. To avoid working for the rest of your life, look for ways to save and invest as soon as possible. Small investments made at a young age can build up over time, helping you inch your way toward retirement.

Beginner investment apps are easy to use and don’t require a fat stack of cash to get started. You can begin with just a few dollars and learn the ins and outs of the world of investing. Apps like Robinhood and Acorns will even provide suggestions of trending stocks to look at, guiding your amateur investing experience.

2. Money Management

Just as important as building up future wealth is managing what you have currently. This is especially true for the older members of Gen Z, who are starting to get a taste of adult responsibilities such as monthly bills and debt payments. 

Being able to bank from your phone is a must for Gen Z. Bank apps allow you to instantly review transactions, transfer funds, and make deposits right on your smartphone. There are even debit card apps available that offer nifty features such as round-up saving, making amassing a rainy-day fund a breeze.

Another popular trend making its way into the hearts of Gen Zers is the mobile wallet, along with other forms of digital payments. When it’s time to pay your share of a night out, you can send your friend a few bucks through PayPal or Venmo. It sure beats digging up a wad of cash or being that person who always promises to pay later.

3. Online Savings

Online shopping has hit an all-time high, with this last Cyber Monday becoming the biggest day of online sales in history. Gen Zers are all aboard the online shopping train, forming one of its major demographics. So if you’re going to use online shopping frequently, why not get some deals along the way?

Just as common as online shopping sites are the coupon codes and discounted sales you can find across the web. Yet hunting down the right coupon can be irritating, especially when your efforts bear no fruit. Use a web app to do the heavy lifting for you instead.

The online savings movement was started by Honey, but companies like Capital One are now creating competition in the space. Its software automatically searches the web for applicable savings every time you check out, preserving a fair amount of your money.

4. Time Management

Time is just as valuable as money — especially with companies wanting to hire young people with decades of experience. All jokes aside, you’ll get so much more out of life when you maximize how you use your time each day. A simple app will help.

The first thing most Gen Zers need to figure out is how to balance their hectic schedules. Juggling school, work, and social lives is a tall order for anyone. Online calendar apps and planners can be accessed from a Gen Zer’s favorite tool, the smartphone, for constant time management assistance.

Not only is it important to keep track of all your appointments, you should be looking to manage downtime more effectively. Using apps that monitor your web usage, like FocusMe and RescueTime, will help you cut down on unnecessary social media scrolling. That will free up hours to complete more beneficial tasks instead.

5. Health and Wellness

As a group, Gen Zers are very focused on personal health and wellness. Physical health and mental wellness rank high on their priority lists and in their conversations. Taking advantage of apps to help achieve peak wellness is a no-brainer.

Fitness apps can be found in abundance, helping you plan and stick to exercise routines and effectively plan a healthier diet. There are even niche apps for your favorite activities, ranging from yoga and meditation to intense gym routines and specific sports.

Just as important to Gen Z, if not more so, is mental wellness. Apps like Calm and Headspace can help you find peace in a hectic world. Others such as Talkspace and ReGain can connect you with professionals who can lend a helping hand during difficult times. 

6. Networking and Job Search

The professional world awaits, but it won’t seek you out. Gen Zers need to learn to grab life by the horns and seek out professional opportunities whenever possible. The right networking app can help set you up.

One of the most common networking and job search apps is LinkedIn, the social network with a professional mindset. Apps like this can connect you with employers offering internships and jobs to help you get the experience you need. You can also use them to message industry veterans to learn more about their experiences and gain valuable advice.

7. Education

The oldest members of Gen Z are beginning to depart from formal education, but you should never stop learning. If you actively try to educate yourself throughout the course of your life, you’ll be able to achieve much greater heights.

Your post-school learning can take a number of different directions. Learning a new language with apps like Duolingo opens the possibility of working abroad or making new friends from different cultures. Try out some new skills — from computer programming to guitar playing — all from your smart device.

TikTok is fun, but the apps featured here will provide a lot more value for Gen Z than the typical social media platform. Look for a few new apps to add to your home screen that can help you get more out of each day.