Explore the Cannabis Job Market

In 2020, cannabis employment exceeded that of many mainstream industries, even prized jobs like web developer and electrical engineer.  Despite the pandemic, legal cannabis added over 77,000 full time jobs.  As more states legalize marijuana, the industry will continue to expand; in 2020, states with newly legalized markets created 26,000 jobs.  The next state to allow recreational use is Montana, whose ban ends in 2022.  Entry-level employees could climb the ladder quickly if they join the cannabis market now.

The cannabis job market has a place for everyone.  While extraction technicians need a scientific background to maintain a safe laboratory environment,  marijuana couriers need the skill set of any other delivery driver.  Harvesters and cultivators tend to be recruited among dishwashers and cooks while dispensary managers come from high-end retail.  Naturally, every business requires support services.  Because the cannabis industry is highly regulated, nearly every aspect of operations needs specialized knowledge, from legal to marketing to human resources.

How does one break into the cannabis market?  There are job listing sites specifically dedicated to cannabis workers, including HempTemps and CannaRecruiter.   Get necessary licensing, brush up on cannabis-related knowledge (especially legalization), and present as a professional, not an enthusiast. 

The Cannabis Job Market