Ensuring Student Transfer Success

Transferring from a Kentucky community college to a university has its benefits. For students who transfer, the cost of college is reduced significantly. Further, transfer students end up having a larger income. The statistics of these benefits can be seen below. 

It is important to ensure the continued success of transfer students. Although there are numerous benefits for transfer students, many do not reach their full potential. Only 29% of students will transfer to a university from a community college. Even fewer Hispanic, Black, and students from a low income are likely to transfer.

 Kentucky is determined to guarantee the continued growth and success of transfer students. To improve the rate of transfer, there are numerous solutions. Some include adequate advising, a clear map for transfer pathways, and having more community college credits pre-transfer. Further, having early momentum milestones also improves the success of transfer students. Some of these milestones include: completing college-level English and math in the first year. Doing so increases the likelihood of transferring and completing a bachelor’s degree. These early momentum milestones are especially significant for Black and Hispanic students by ensuring their success. 

Kentucky will continue to connect the path from community college to university to establish student success. Centering students’ needs, strengthening collaborations with institutions, and removing barriers are just some of Kentucky‚Äôs vision for ensuring student transfer success.

Transfer success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative