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Does My Business Need an IT Security Assessment?

Any commercial business that uses computers should have IT security in place to protect sensitive information such as customer data and trade secrets.

Suppose you do not have IT security measures in place or haven’t updated your current cybersecurity plan in a while. In that case, you should carry out an IT security assessment to ensure your business and your customers are protected.

Why Every Business Needs an IT Security Assessment

Having a strong cybersecurity plan is an integral part of running a successful business. It not only safeguards the company, but also the customers that you serve.

On their own, firewalls and anti-virus software do not offer sufficient protection. In 2019, there were a reported 164.68 million sensitive records exposed due to data breaches in the US. This happens to companies big and small; no one is immune to being targeted by cyber attacks.

It is particularly essential for regulated industries such as government agencies and public healthcare providers to have IT security measures in place. If they don’t, they will be in breach of data security laws and will face serious consequences if confidential information is exposed.

But even companies that think their security is sufficient often don’t know for sure. If you’ve put some security measures in place, there’s no way of knowing whether or not they work until you’re attacked—which is already too late. An IT security assessment will test your security out before they’re tested by criminals. 

What An IT Assessment Entails

An IT assessment usually entails an initial analysis of your systems and software, penetration testing, a recommendation of action steps to patch any vulnerabilities, and then if desired, implementation of those steps.

Hiring a third-party IT security specialist to assess your security risks routinely is good practice. They will be able to objectively pinpoint any weaknesses and threats in your system, as well as assess whether your existing firewalls and anti-virus software are viable enough to stop your data from being breached.

They can also assess whether you are compliant and up to date with regulations such as HIPAA. When carrying out your assessment, you should receive an overview of what vulnerabilities your system has and solutions you should undertake to prevent any breaches.

When You Should Get an Assessment

It would be best if you frequently have assessments to ensure your business is protected. It is particularly important to carry out an assessment when your business is going through a significant change in circumstances such as moving location, expanding your team, having employees working remotely, or transitioning software or processes.

This year, the number of employees working from home increased and as a result has had some implications in companies having been security breached. With working from home becoming the new normal, it is crucial now more than ever to make sure you are protected and up to date with your assessments. 

In conclusion, if you are running a business that holds sensitive information on your online systems, you should receive regular IT security assessments carried out to stay up to date with changes in technology, hacking methods, and your business.

As technology advances, there are new ways for cyber hackers to hack your software, but keeping assessments up to date can help ensure your business, employees, and customers are protected to the best of your ability.