Custom Pool Trend Forecast for 2022

In 2022, pools will be going through a trend shift toward customized, free form shapes that follow the natural contours of your yard. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these new pool shapes will maximize the swimming area and help you create the perfect swimming environment.

Custom Pools

Custom Pools will continue to grow in popularity due to the ever-growing trend of backyard living and entertainment spaces. With more and more homeowners wanting to create an outdoor oasis, a Custom Pool is the perfect way to get there.


Pool sizes will continue to grow, with many homeowners opting for larger pool sizes that can accommodate more people and provide more entertainment options. However, even smaller pools will remain popular due to the increasing demand for energy efficiency.

Salt Pools

Salt pools will gain popularity in 2022, with more than 60% of pool owners saying they plan to install salt systems in their pools over the next 5 years. Salt Pools are more energy efficient than chlorine pools, and the small amount of salt required for maintenance will be better for your children’s skin.


The V-Shape pool will be the most popular pool shape in 2022. The Freeform V-Shape pool not only maximizes swimming area by minimizing overlap between different activities, but it is also extremely versatile, lending itself to a wide variety of landscapes.


In 2022, the most popular pool accessory will be the swim-up bar. This addition will not only increase your entertainment options, but it will also help you stay cool on hot days. Other popular accessories include waterfalls, spas, and lazy rivers.

In 2022 you will have a pool accessory to fit any need. From wave machines, to water slides, to underwater music systems, there will be no limit to the creative possibilities of your backyard pool.


In 2022, more pool owners will be choosing to decorate their pools with mosaics and other tile work. This trend is not only beautiful, but it is also incredibly durable, meaning that you will be able to enjoy your mosaic tiles for many years to come.

As the popularity of swimming pools continues to grow, homeowners are making investments in larger, more energy efficient pools. Salt Pools will gain popularity in 2022 due to their high energy efficiency and minimal salt requirements, while Freeform V-Shape pools become the most popular design due to their ability to maximize swimming area and versatility. Swim-up bars will also be a popular accessory due to their entertainment options and ability to keep homeowners cool. Finally, pool owners will be choosing mosaics and other decorations as the durable tile work makes their pools aesthetically pleasing and stand the test of time.