COVID Changed Healthcare – AI Helps Catch Up With Insurance Card Scan

Since the COVID pandemic began in 2020, telehealthcare has skyrocketed. Where once it was mainly provided to those in rural settings, now virtually anyone can request a televisit with their doctor. 

While this may be exponentially more convenient for both patients and even doctors in many cases, it has led to some difficulties when it comes to billing. 

One challenge is a limited, or even nonexistent, number of office staff for telemedicine professionals. This makes things like handling billing and insurance claims left up to the healthcare professional, who may not have enough time to do administrative work, or may not be familiar with the process of filing claims. 

Another issue is that prior to the pandemic, some insurance providers did not cover telemedicine. All of this has added headaches and snags to an already tedious process which can often be fraught with errors from beginning to end. 

Fortunately for everyone from patients, to administrators, to healthcare professionals, implementing the use of AI into these scenarios can significantly impact the process in positive ways. 

Automatic insurance card scan and capture frees up patients to have a more concrete answer regarding the costs involved in procedures before they get them done. It also saves billions of dollars for the healthcare industry, and saves many hours of manpower that is currently being used to correct errors with manual entry. 

AI promises to bring more accuracy, efficiency, and freedom of time and money to all involved.

Insurance Capture & Verification Automation Matters More Than Ever
Source: OrbitHC