Choosing the Right Window Installation Service

When you decide to invest in new windows for your house, the windows must be professionally installed. They are the last line of defense against the elements and can be the difference in home costs. It can cost a minimum of $1,000 to replace a window, but it could take up to $10,000 to make home repairs to new floors, drywall, and electrical systems. Aside from money, there can be many health risks involved with poor window quality so it is important they be installed by a trained professional. Going from that, here are some important details of what you need to know about a proper window installation service.

The most important detail to access when getting a new window is knowing what frame you are working with. Starting with wood, this type of frame requires regular maintenance to keep up its look and function. As such, wood frames have limited warranty and high product cost. Although, aluminum cladding can reduce maintenance but will lower thermal performance. A type that is more efficient than wood is a fiberglass frame. 

However, fiberglass frames have a very rigid frame material, and they are severely limited in customization for it to fit the style of your house. The last frame type to mention is one highly considered if you are able to install it: Vinyl. New construction vinyl is low maintenance and affordable, the most common window frame. They are superior when it comes to moisture resistance and are quite efficient with their non-conductive frame material. Though oftentimes it can’t be helped depending on the type of house you have, so it is understandable if getting vinyl frames is not possible.

Window Installation Service