Changes Occurring in 2022 with Microsoft Office 365 That You Need to Know About

There are not many of us who have been using Microsoft Office ever since its introduction decades ago. I have personally been using it since the 1990s, and that has taught me a few things about how this program is supposed to work. However, there are new versions being introduced all of the time. There are constant changes being made to both the iOS and Android versions, and a new Windows version is being released soon.

Let’s take a look at the recent changes to Microsoft Office 365 that have been made since its introduction in late 2016. It has experienced some big changes recently but also some small ones as well. Users’ needs are constantly evolving, and it is up to companies like Microsoft to collect the feedback from customers and make changes accordingly. Here are a few of the most important points that have occurred in Microsoft Office 365 over the past three years.

1. Microsoft Releases New Windows Apps For Android and iOS

What was previously only available for Windows 10 devices is now also available on both iOS and Android devices, which means you can share files with people on their phones. This has allowed for increased convenience, especially since the file size is reduced drastically when you share it between devices of different operating systems.

2. Microsoft Introduces Teams App For Android and iOS Devices

Another big release that was made recently involved Microsoft introducing a new app for both Android and iOS devices. This meant anyone who owned an Android or iOS device could use this application, not just Windows-based devices. The functionality was a little different from other apps since it allowed for real-time chat and video calls.

3. Office 365 Mobile Apps Become Available For Children

In 2018, Microsoft introduced children’s accounts to be able to use their platform without requiring a credit card. This allowed children to have their own platform to use educational apps and play games, all of which were equipped with adult-level security so parents did not need to worry about their child’s account being hacked or a stranger finding out a way to contact them on the service.

4. A New Layout For People On Mobile Devices

In late 2018, Microsoft made some significant changes to the layout that was used on mobile devices. The first change they made involved removing the hamburger menu that users could swipe from right to left or vice versa. They replaced it with swiping up and down to access features like your files, recent contacts, calendar events, etc.

5. Changes To Outlook Contacts

Another major change that Microsoft made to their app was with Outlook contacts. They changed it so your phone’s contacts would be the ones displayed by default instead of putting all of your Office 365 contacts first. Now you could find people faster than ever before thanks to Microsoft finally listening to their customers’ needs and making changes accordingly.

6. Changes To Outlook Calendar

The last big change that was made to one of the Office 365 mobile apps involved Outlook calendar. Now, by default, your phone’s calendar events would be displayed first without having to switch between calendars like before. This meant you could jump right into a meeting faster than ever before and it also allowed for better integration across all devices.

7. Microsoft Introduces New Share Option To X-Ray In PowerPoint

In December 2018, Microsoft released a new feature for the PowerPoint app that allowed users to share their presentations with other people at a glance. The new update provided all of the files that had been utilized in a presentation under a single shared folder. This meant you could share your presentation with someone else without having to replicate the entire project.

While Microsoft has definitely made some changes over the past couple of years, they continue to add new features and make improvements along the way. Now would be a good time to start thinking about upgrading to Office 365 since you will instantly receive access to all of their latest services when you migrate your company’s subscription plan.