Bittersweet Milestones: The 8 Billionth Human

Our world is always growing and changing, and on November 15, 2022, we reached a population of 8 billion people. From some of the largest countries like China and India, to some of the smallest like Monaco and Malta, growth can be seen across the board. In terms of growth and fertility rate, Nigeria and Pakistan are in the lead. However, in terms of migration rate, the United States and Russia have exhibited the most growth.

Much of this growth can be attributed to a greater overall world health. Some of the healthiest countries in the world are Spain, Italy, and Iceland, while the unhealthiest are South Sudan and Somalia. The increase in global population has also affected businesses. The global GDP growth has slowed, and the potential for labor shortages has increased. On the bright side, the aging population promotes productivity, and larger countries lead to an increase in multinational corporations.

Several experts have commented on the new opportunities and potential pitfalls that this population milestone has created. For many it is bittersweet, as it showcases our resiliency as a species, but also brings potential environmental risks to the table. Experts say that the 9 billionth baby is only 15 years away, proving that now more than ever, the only constant that we can count on is that change is inevitable.

8 billion people visualized