Benefits of Residential Proxies for Business

We often hear about proxies, their helpful nature, and how varied they can be in their use cases. But many people do not wonder about the principles of proxy servers work and what are the exact useful features for specific activities (like business, education, etc.). We try to answer these questions and deliver information about where to buy static residential proxy servers for business usage. 

What are proxies, and what types of proxy servers exist?

Proxy servers are like mediators between the parties of data exchange on the Internet. It means the actual geographic location does not matter where and how the connection is established. The process of proxy services working consists of several steps:

  1. As a user wants to find or use the information on some website, his device (PC or mobile device) sends the request to the web host, where the information about the one requesting is transmitted. 
  2. Normally, the request goes straight to the host that contains the needed info. But if a user applies proxy services, the request goes to the proxy server first. It allows for more considerate data usage, including its protection.
  3. When the request is modified according to the user’s requirements, the proxy server transmits it further to the web host. 
  4. The web host identifies a proxy request on behalf of the user, but it cannot “see” the real data of a user if this is not allowed by the service conditions. The host sends the requested information if there are no limits for the territories or age groups that are not allowed to see the data. 
  5. The proxy gets the response before the user’s device. It analyses the data for the absence of malicious content that can harm the piece of appliance or the operating system. 
  6. Finally, a user can see the info he searched for.

Depending on how you use proxies, they can speed up or slow down the network performance. It’s better to know proxy classifications to realize better how they work. One of the most frequently used classifications touches on which devices’ IPs are used as proxies – mobile or residential. 

How to use residential servers for business?

Residential proxies are pretty versatile for business usage. Some of the use cases can include:

  • Monitoring and collecting market data. It includes complex info like price, SEO, tendencies, competitors’ activities, etc.
  • Verifying the speed and performance of your website. By changing the IP to different locations, you can realize better what problems visitors can encounter.
  • Checking your geo-targeted advertising performance. The situation is the same as with the website availability check.
  • Protecting your brand – products, services, and audiences. Using proxies may result in better productivity in revealing scams and counterfeits. 

These baseline options can be varied in wider diversity.

Proxy services are among the best solutions to run your business considerately. Residential proxies can be a helpful addition to your online activities if they are provided by reliable service. Try soax today to see what opportunities are offered, and benefit from a custom plan calculator on the website!