Analyzing Commercial Real Estate Trends

The commercial real estate market is worth more than $20 trillion, but the pandemic bringing the rise of remote work and increasing interest rates are making for uncertain times. Since before the pandemic office vacancies have gone up considerably, with the San Francisco area seeing a 6% vacancy before the pandemic and more than doubling to 15% in 2022. Remote work also means that employees are spending less and less time in the office. Employees on average are spending 25% to 35% less time in the office today as compared to before the pandemic. The drop in demand for office space has caused the prices on offices to fall with a 17.5% drop in office prices, with an even larger 20% to 30% drop still possible with an uneven recovery.

But smart investors know that uncertain times bring new opportunities and while office space may not be strong right now, commercial real estate as a whole still is. Some commercial real estate professionals save time, money, and effort for both sellers and buyers by selling businesses alongside their properties. 

Learn about the flexibility, privacy, negotiation power, and more that is provided by selling your business and commercial property together here.

Orange County Commercial Real Estate