AI in the Marketing Industry

Today there is no shortage of things grabbing at each individual’s attention. The food is tastier, the lights are brighter, the movies are flashier, and most importantly the marketing is better. Marketing is a barrage of stimulus trying to keep a specific product on the mind of each consumer. It’s not a matter of forcing someone to buy something, just to remember it. Artificial intelligence is here to stay – let’s examine more below.

Generative AI in marketing is then a perfect fit in modern innovation. This form of AI will use pre-existing content to produce new products. There are obvious implications to this. The use of image creation software and video AI, for example. Yet the real uses are a little more obscure. For example, think about emailing. Email marketing is generally something of the past today. It is easy to ignore and easy to detect.

Generative AI helps to alleviate these issues. It can use what worked and scrap what didn’t instantly. A similar effect can be seen with customer service. The automated systems used today are no longer completely frustrating bots. Nowadays they’ve become reasonable alternatives that can even be more practical in select circumstances. 

More than anything though generative AI is useful because it is automated. Manual marketing and manual services take time and money. Generative AI can have a system up and running automatically that will adapt to itself. Of course there still has to be human input, but it really opens up the scope of marketing. AI isn’t going to take over all aspects of marketing, but it’s one of the primary industries seeing its integration.

How Generative AI is Changing Marketing