6 Reasons Why Your Instagram Video Marketing Strategy is Failing

If you’re creating more video content on Instagram you are on the right track. As the Instagram algorithm favors video. Also when you post video content you can gather more data about your audience and their interests. This can be instrumental in not just improving your Instagram marketing strategy, but your overall marketing strategy

But if you are failing even with Instagram video, it’s probably because you are making a few mistakes. I have listed them below…

You are creating long videos:

Your Instagram videos can be up to 60 seconds long in the feed. Most people think 60 seconds isn’t enough so they try their best to fill up how much ever of the time allotment as they can. But this is a huge mistake. As shorter videos perform much better than longer ones. Short videos that are around 26 seconds long get the most engagement. So, if you’ve been creating short videos for a long time, it is time to pull out your video editor and shorten your videos. 

This will improve your video engagement levels. You can experiment with different short video lengths to see what works best. 

You don’t add thumbnails:

Not every Instagram user will automatically see your video play. Some will see a still from the video. As people have the ability to turn off autoplay when using Instagram on data. But you have the ability to control what they see when they have autoplay paused as you can add thumbnails to your videos. Most people don’t do this and instead see a random still from the video. But if you create an optimized image and set it as the thumbnail, more people will click on the play button. 

So, get yourself a good image editor and background remover and create thumbnail images that attract attention and clicks. 

You aren’t promoting them:

There’s only a certain number of people you can reach organically with your Instagram account. This is why you should constantly promote your videos with more organic and paid methods. Organic methods include reaching out to influencers and asking them to post and paid methods include paid influencer marketing and Instagram ads. 

You are not monitoring the data and using it:

As I mentioned earlier in the post, video helps you gather more data than images. You can see the number of times someone watched the video, how much they watched and a bunch of other data. This can be highly beneficial in helping you create better video content in the future. 

Monitoring data and using it to create better content is what separates pros from amateurs. So, make sure you pay close attention to it. Use a good analytics tool or a spreadsheet to keep track of this information. 

You are spending more time on IGTV

Many people like IGTV because it lets you create longer videos. And Instagram encourages you to publish videos there. But creating videos for it is a waste of time. As the network is a failure. Long videos just don’t do well on Instagram. Also IGTV is a weird network that no one seems to get. This is why it is better for you to stick to Instagram and create short videos for the feed, stories and reels. This will help you get far better results quickly. 

Your funnel doesn’t tie in with your Instagram content:

If you are an influencer and all you needed to do was drive views, building up engagement and grow a following, then just posting content on Instagram will be enough. But if you want to build a sustainable self reliant business, you need to create a funnel that complements your Instagram video strategy and converts

The landing pages you promote through your account, thank you pages, copy, emails, etc. should all tie in with your video and other content. 

Most people don’t try to match them up and improve cohesiveness, hence their sales suffer. 

Therefore, if you want to drive more sales, make sure they all tie up properly. 


These are the 6 reasons why your Instagram video marketing strategy is failing. Avoid them today to drive more engagement, traffic and sales.