6 Reasons to Stop Hiring Break/Fix IT Companies

While hiring break/fix IT companies may seem like the best option at first, it often winds up costing you more in the long run. Here are six reasons why:

1. They Break Things Worse Than They Fix Them

If someone comes to your office once a week to break the copier, then break it again soon after they fixed it, that’s not an efficient use of anyone’s time. A break/fix information technology company isn’t going to break your equipment and then fix it either, but they will break your network and charge you to fix it and probably break it again soon after.

2. Their Solutions Are Temporary at Best

As we mentioned before, break/fix companies thrive because they break things and then get paid to break them again. Don’t pay them another penny! Instead, invest in a break/fix information technology company that can break your network once and keep it working for the long haul.

3. Their Solutions Are Costly

Break/fix companies usually charge an arm and a leg for their admittedly temporary services. If you want a break/fix information technology company that will break your network and then break it again, you’re going to have to pay a premium.

4. They Don’t Live Up to Their Promises

If break/fix companies break something once and break it again soon after they fix it, what makes you think they won’t break other things? They break things once and break them again, so why wouldn’t they break other things?

5. They Can Break Customer Trust

If your company isn’t already using break/fix information technology companies that break equipment then charge to fix it, you’re lucky. Why would you go back to suppliers who are known for breaking equipment just to break it again?

6. Their Breaks/Fixes Are Temporary

Since break/fix companies break things only to break them again, the break/fixes they provide are temporary at best. To truly break something once and keep it broken, you need a break/fix information technology company that can break your network with a single solution that is permanent.

Break/fix isn’t the effective break/fix solution you think it is. It’s time to stop hiring break/fix IT companies and instead hire managed network service providers like Simple Systems to meet break/fix requirements at a reasonable price. Managed network services typically cost half the break/fix company prices and provide a break/fix support solution that is far more effective.