5 tips for collecting customer reviews

Did you know that only 2% of businesses bother asking their customers for feedback which can help your business going into 2023? Here’s what they’re missing out on: customer feedback is important because it helps businesses improve their services. In addition, it also provides valuable insights into how well a company is performing.  Here are five ways to collect customer reviews and turn them into positive experiences for your customers!

Introduce an ambassador program.

An ambassador program increases customer reviews by rewarding customers who write positive reviews about your business. The best way to do this is to offer rewards for writing reviews such as free product samples, discounts, or other incentives. Even better, they’ll become advocates for your product, which could lead to new customers, but they may also provide valuable feedback on your products and services

That’s why The Lash Professional has implemented other programs to boost its company’s engagement, including an ambassador program. Today, when a customer takes an eyelash extension training course, they automatically become a brand ambassador, which provides them with 15% off all future wholesale purchases for life!

Diversify your testimonials. 

Of course, customer reviews are always a priority – but are you ignoring other resources? A variety of different types of testimonials can be used to boost sales for any product or service. These include reviews from satisfied customers, case studies, customer stories, and real-life examples of how a product has been used. 

Testimonials from vendors, partners, former employees, and customers all work together to convince potential clients about the quality of your product or service. At Charter Capital, for example, they include customer testimonials alongside franchise customers, equipment vendors, and lending partners.

Don’t discount digital reviews.

Word of mouth is still important, but don’t discount the power of digital reviews. Reviews from Google and Facebook users are extremely valuable for businesses. These platforms are the first places potential customers look when searching for local businesses, and consumers trust reviews from fellow users much more than those from anonymous sources. Plus, if you don’t have positive reviews, then you won’t be found!  

Take inspiration from Lake Rabun Hotel, which has an astounding digital reputation thanks to years of cultivation:  Google 4.5 star rating with 396 reviews, Facebook 4.5 star rating with 248 votes, and TripAdvisor 4.5 rating with 446 reviews!

Distribute Review Cards 

One of the most successful strategies to generate reviews is by distributing review cards. Review cards serve three key uses: they provide feedback that you can use to improve your operations, they inspire positive online reviews which help new customers find your business, and they reinforce repeated customer engagement. The average review card includes the business name and logo, a thank-you message to the customer for using your services, and a request to leave a review alongside a QR code or a URL to the review page. 

Some cards further entice the customer by including a special offer or discount for the review.  for the customer to leave a review. Review cards are easy to make and even easier to print with ZoePrint – they even have a blog about it!

Review Management Platforms

The European Denture Center has a dedicated page that collects patient testimonials for easy access, and also sources reviews into the central location from Google and Facebook, further adding to their credibility. What’s their secret? Using a reputation and review management platform! 

Review management platforms allow businesses to track reviews from customers and respond to them accordingly. The platform allows users to post reviews about businesses on various websites such as Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook, etc. Businesses can also use these platforms to monitor customer feedback and respond quickly when necessary. This helps businesses understand what kind of customer service they provide, and whether they need to improve.

Customer satisfaction is a critical aspect of running a successful business but collecting customer feedback isn’t always straightforward. Consider one of these five ways to get started!