4 Reasons Why Shaker Cabinets Will Never Go Out of Style

When it comes to giving your kitchen a perfect combo of minimalism and timeless appeal, nothing works more perfectly than shaker cabinets. This classic style is inspired by a religious group of the 18th century – the Shakers. And with hundreds of years gone by (and still going), no kitchen decor has proven more timeless than shaker cabinets. So, if you’re looking to give your kitchen that touch of timeless style and classic elegance, then shaker cabinets could be what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at four reasons why this cabinet style will never go out of style.

Ideal with Different Kitchen Designs

One of the main reasons why shaker cabinets will never go out of style is the fact that they blend seamlessly with different kitchen styles, whether traditional or modern. If you’re more in tune with contemporary styles, you will find the clean lines that characterize shake cabinets to be a perfect fit. If you prefer to remain traditional with your kitchen design, you’ll find an ideal match for your shaker cabinets with luxe details that traditional kitchens come with. And if you’re caught up in between the new and the old, these cabinets are perfect for transitional kitchen settings. 

They’re Still Crowd-Pleasers!

Believe it or not, shaker cabinets are still crowd-pleasers, mainly because of their design. They typically embody simple but intricate lines that help bring out your creative spirit when designing your kitchen around them. We have already mentioned how seamlessly they flow with different kinds of kitchen design types. But they also allow you to try out various kitchen design elements to bring out a unique look. White and different shades of gray usually tend to be the most common combo; you can work with different cabinet choices. Plus, you can also experiment with sheens to create a unique look and add some decorative pulls and knobs. Shaker cabinets also appeal to a wider range of buyers, which gives them a great resale value. 

They Use A Simple Construction Process

Shaker cabinets are pretty easy to construct and yet very eye-pleasing. Because most of them are made using a frame and panel construction method (also known as rail and stile), their construction process is unlike other cabinet types. For example, the hinges used are left hidden, which adds to the seamless appearance. The center panel, which is also flat and recessed, comes with a simple frame devoid of ornamentation. 

The Cabinets Are Easy to Maintain

Another thing that makes the shaker cabinets so timeless is the fact that they are easy to maintain. For starters, they offer very few surfaces to clean dirt, grease, and other forms of debris. Also, it does not take much effort to get the insides of the cabinets wiped clean. But that’s not all; shaker cabinet interiors also stay clean for longer periods than other cabinet designs. They also tend to offer a more affordable option while adding to your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal.