3 Effective Ways To Eliminate Tough Stains From A Mattress

Most of us spend many hours in our beds (some more than others!), but we don’t often take the time to clean mattresses, even if we regularly change the bedsheets. But, the reality is that our mattresses may well be harboring a variety of stains, some tougher to eliminate than others, which could be affecting its lifespan.

Fortunately, getting rid of tough mattress stains doesn’t have to mean you replacing it with a new one. With just a few simple and affordable ingredients, a couple of cleaning tools, and 3 different methods, you can blot those stains away, for good!

Stain removal method number one: Baking soda and vinegar

Begin by stripping the mattress and vacuuming it from corner to corner to get rid of any dust or debris, and lift the fibers to better absorb the vinegar solution. 

Then, combine equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and spray it over the mattress, evenly, focusing on any stained areas.

Take your time to blot the stained parts of the mattress with a sponge or cloth (ensuring that it’s clean), making sure you begin at the edges and work your way towards the center until you see the stains fading or disappearing altogether. Try not to saturate the mattress, but dampen it. 

Next, sprinkle baking soda generously over the entire mattress and leave it to work its magic for at least a few hours, but ideally, overnight. 

After a few hours, or the next morning, vacuum the entire surface of the mattress thoroughly, making sure all traces of baking soda and debris are gone. Following this, you must leave the mattress to dry naturally before putting fresh bedding on it. 

Stain removal method number two: Hydrogen and dish soap

Begin by vacuuming the mattress, before combining equal parts liquid dish soap with hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle. 

Then, spray the mixture over the stained area of the mattress, before gently scrubbing the areas in a circular motion with a clean sponge or cloth until you see the stain fading or disappearing. 

Leave the mixture on the mattress for up to 20 minutes, and then blot the areas with a clean cloth dipped in water. You may find you need to repeat the process until the stains have been eliminated.

Then, blot the mattress to help it dry out with a clean cloth or towel, and ensure that it dries naturally and completely before using it again. 

Stain removal method number three: lemon juice and salt

Once the mattress has been stripped, sprinkle some salt onto the stains directly, and then spray fresh lemon juice onto a small section of the mattress to test whether it may cause some discoloration. If you don’t notice any discoloration, go ahead and spray the juice liberally over the areas onto which salt has been sprinkled, making sure they’re damp. 

Leave the solution to sit for around half an hour, before gently scrubbing the areas with a clean sponge or cloth in circular motions, until you see the stains fading or disappearing altogether. 

Then, blot the affected areas with a clean cloth dipped in water, and if the stains are still there, repeat until they are eliminated. 

As with all of the three methods, once the stains have disappeared, it’s important to blot dry the mattress before allowing it to completely dry.  Make stained mattresses a thing of the past with these tried and tested methods from cleaning professionals, and if you don’t feel like doing it yourself, simply add it to the list of chores for your home cleaner to take care of.